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Your Body Needs To Know It Can Trust You

“Anyone who has experienced intense trauma in their lives can have a tendency to disassociate. It’s just a protective pattern that got put in place long ago—and for a good reason. So when you start to feel a little disassociated, gently and kindly remind your body that you aren’t going to hurt it and that it is not in any actual danger.

Then kindly and gently encourage your attention to rest in present time experience. It all needs to be done very gently and kindly because your body needs to know that it can trust you.

The more your body realizes that it can trust you, the more it will allow your attention to remain connected and present. And by doing so, you are literally rewriting the script that got put in place at the time of the trauma. You could say that you are updating your program into the present time, into who you are now.”

― Adyashanti

“A Moment Later” by Natalia Drepina Photography

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