My Story

My name is Christine Frey and to compliment my 30 years as a teacher, I  became a Shamanic Reiki Healing Practitioner to enhance my Master Reiki Teacher energies that I always incorporate into all of my client sessions. In less than 7 years I have survived a few major life changing events that brought me to my knees and shook my entire world as I knew it. Yoga, meditation and Reiki embraced me, my spirit, the real Christine and showed me the inner strength, grace and courage I needed to survive and thrive. Listening to my heart I opened my Yoga Studio, Centerpoint Healing Services, to help people find their path of growth and healing. The gifts of yoga, Reiki and meditation taught me that it's ok to not be ok, that I am worthy, I am enough, I can make change in the world around me. I had to learn acceptance, courage and wisdom as well as when to let go of what I can't control. I am still a work in progress and by the grace of God  I will continue to help others as I have been generously helped. My humbling life events have taught me many things, mainly that I have a gift from above to help others heal and strengthen their connection with their true self. I had to learn to step out of my way, my ego, my perceived injustices and move slowly and steadily toward a path that helps others. Surviving many forms of trauma and heartbreaking grief have made me an unstoppable force to help people find their voice, their true inner beauty. I am looking forward to helping you on your journey of healing and discovering joy, hope and blessings that you are so worthy of. Thank you..namaste