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Reiki Master Teacher

By stepping into the role of a Reiki Master Teacher you are giving the Universe notice that you are now ready to help others learn and understand the many ways of Reiki. You have invested your time and money into learning and practicing every level of Reiki, and you are now in a place where you know that your knowledge is ready to be shared.


Every Reiki Master Teacher has a different journey, yet with the stepping stones of the Teachers before you as a guide, you will learn and grow even more, and you will have the privilege of teaching others to do the same. Know that each of your Reiki guides, and the lineage of your Reiki ancestors, are walking beside you in guidance and wisdom.


The journey before you is a blessed one and it requires you to honor yourself, your students, the process of learning Reiki, and the miracle of passing attunements to your students.A Reiki Master Teacher must possess the willingness to serve, the desire to teach, and the desire to empower others as both practitioners and Masters.

Image by Alexander Grey

Welcome to the Teacher's Path

Trusting the possible reminds teacher we are keepers of the possible - mirrors revealing to our student's potential perhaps they don't yet see within themselves - releasing conditioned ideas and opinions - cultivating and sustaining attention to the possible!

Teaching by heart calls on teachers to access all that we are while continuing to feel connected to the very sources of inquiry and creativity that fueled our passion to teach and study of subjects we love!

Cultivating wisdom is the teacher's path. It is a way of living into what is deepest and truest in our lives. And because we are teachers, it is our invitations to those we teach, to make contact with and to live into what is deepest and truest to them. As we become more anchored in this way of being, we begin to honor the genius within all others, and love what we do so much that we are willing to expand beyond the appearance of physical boundaries and live the harmonious expression of Spirit, in alignment within the whole of creation.

Know what you want and set the intention to manifest it. Follow your guidance and allow Spirit to lead you. Relax and have faith in the process.

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