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You Are Needed Whole And Free

Forgive those that harmed you...

For they were harmed too.

Forgive them

Not because you love them,

But because you choose

To love yourself.

Be free of burdens

Heavy emotions tucked away

In secret corners of your heart.

Oh, so heavy are hearts that carry secrets

Beautiful Soul Deep Woman

You deserve to be free

You deserve to see the world

Through the eyes of holy peace.

Gift it to yourself

Let it not take away what is good in you

Let it not strip you of your humanity

The sweet nectar of your soul...

Because the world needs you

The world needs your kindness

Compassion and Love...

Oh, dear Soul Deep Woman

Unearth your Story

Unlabel your Life

Unsilence your Voice...

You are needed whole and free...


Corina Luna Dea

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