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Toxic Emotional Ties

Unresolved feelings with people from the past generate toxic emotional ties that keep us connected to them emotionally and energetically. These ties act as true internal "us" that do not allow our life to flow naturally and block the flow of new and better experiences.

It is necessary to carry out an emotional cleansing and check which people we are still connected to. Sorrow, resentment, guilt, attachment, disappointment, illusion are some of the feelings that create and reinforce these bonds. The person is no longer there, but continues to affect your emotions, influencing your decisions, even if unconsciously.

Do an exercise: Stay silent for a while, relax and ask your emotional: What people from the past am I still connected to? Let your mind show you.

Imagine then that there is a cord that connects these people to you. Visualize him tying you to them. Then affirm:

“At this moment I declare that I am breaking all the toxic and negative ties that bind me to people from the past (visualize that you have golden scissors in your hand and see yourself cutting all ties). I let go of all those who were once in my life, but who are meaningless today. I let go of all guilt, hurt, resentment or wrongdoing that bound me to them. I value the past and the lessons I've learned, but I don't need to keep living with the past. I am breaking free of that influence and opening myself up to better people and situations.” It's done.

Alexander Gruber

Artwork: Thiago Sian

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