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Ho'oponopono Prayer

The ho'oponopono prayer is very touching, especially given how simple and universal these powerful words are. With regular practice, reciting these four simple phrases help develop self-love and self-esteem at the times we need it most and to heal and cleanse yourself. Practicing this prayer will help you experience the transformative potential of four simple, short phrases for yourself. Forgiveness, compassion and peace are are provided by Ho'oponopono to fraught relationships and can bring relaxation and healing. Repeating this profound prayer helps you practice forgiveness and of taking responsibility. It is a spiritual cleansing practice that is meant to make things right between individuals and within the community. Ultimately, it is about freedom and unravelling yourself from the web of disharmony that you think was caused by others. It addresses the spiritual wounds that are often at the core of physical pain and helps us align with ourselves, others and the divine. This prayer can also be used as a mantra and meditation as well.

Ho'oponopono Prayer

" I'm sorry,"

"Please forgive me,"

"I love you,"

"Thank you."

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