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Feelings Wheel

The feelings when our needs are met and unmet matter. Where are your feelings on this wheel? What can you do today to help yourself heal and get your needs met? What choices, decisions and actions will bring you closer to having your needs met? Are there any people, places, things, events, situations and circumstances that are not meeting your needs? Do you accept that? You are the creator of your life and your thoughts most certainly create your reality. Surrender to your feelings, especially the emotionally painful ones. Real power comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable and brave enough to feel what's holding you back. It's takes vulnerability to feel pain. Reclaiming your personal power comes from knowing you can take care of yourself, even when you are feeling challenging emotions. When you stop holding others responsible for your pain, take responsibility for your emotions and healing and find acceptance for all of this, will you find inner peace, courage, joy, love and profound personal growth. You are well worth the time and effort it takes to heal. I believe in you, I'm here for you and you are not alone. Thank you ♥️

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