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Happiness and Gratitude

I love to watch children play with wild abandon and being fully present in the moment. I like to stand in the woods listening to the sounds around me while feeling the sun on my face and the warm breeze on my skin. Taking the time to notice the scents of the trees and moss while keeping my gaze in the abundance of life happening around m. Being present in the moment helps us slow down and find gratitude for our senses, our blessing, the people in our lives. Simple gratitude for shelter, foo, water and clean air bring me back to a sense of the blessings around me. When we notice the blessings in our lives we can then find some happiness inside of ourselves. Self care is taking time to pause, be in the moment allowing yourself the gift of gratitude and happiness to be in your heart. You are a beautiful unique light in this world so feel these blessings and shine on!

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