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Trusting Ourselves

Learning to trust ourselves can be challenging, mainly because we have had to survive. While in survival mode we tend to not trust our intuition and instincts. We are all special gifts from Universe and we are here for a divine purpose. It's when you realize that you are a beautiful unique gift that you will begin to listen to yourself, trust your instincts and intuition and trust that you are divinely led. You are a soul in a human body here to learn your soul lessons. You chose your body in this lifetime as a divination tool to see, hear, feel, know and intuit everything inside and around you. You will learn by listening, trusting and taking actionable steps towards your dreams, goals and life purpose. What do you need to do to take better care of yourself? What is it time to do? What is your life purpose? What do you know deep in your bones that is your truth? This is your precious life and by listening and trusting your instincts and intuition you will be divinely supported and guided on your actionable steps. You are not alone, I'm here for you and I believe in you and your ability to take good care of yourself. You are worth the time, energy and effort!

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