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Soul Retrievals | Shamanic Healing

60 Min Sessions Reclaim Your Wholeness with Powerful Shamanic Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 80 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

“Soul Retrieval” is a powerful shamanic technique that can help restore aspects of the soul that have splintered off from trauma experienced in this lifetime or past lifetimes. This process helps to heal the wounds of the soul and bring about a sense of wholeness. During a Soul Retrieval session, a Shamanic journey is performed to find the missing soul parts that were lost during the trauma. The Shamanic journey is typically done through the use of drums, rattles, and other tools that help the Shaman enter into an altered state of consciousness. This state allows the Shaman to access the spirit world and connect with the client's soul. After the Shamanic journey is complete, the Shaman returns the soul part to the client's energetic body for reintegration. This process helps to restore balance and harmony to the client's life, bringing about a sense of deep healing on multiple levels. Soul Retrieval can be especially helpful for those who have experienced trauma in their lives, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. It is believed that many of our recurring patterns, habits, trauma responses, and addictions have roots from multiple lifetimes. By clearing these energies and returning the missing parts of self, we can cultivate deep healing on many levels, past, present, and future. During the session, a full illumination is also traditionally done as a part of the Soul Retrieval process. This helps to clear any remaining energetic blockages and restore the client's energy to its natural state of flow. Overall, Soul Retrieval is a transformative experience that can help you heal and reconnect with your true self. It can help you to understand and release patterns that no longer serve you, and restore your natural balance, harmony, and sense of wholeness.

Contact Details

  • 4760 Old Farm Cir W, Colorado Springs, CO 80917, USA


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