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Your Soul Knows


If your internal teacher tells you that you need some time for yourself, listen to him.

If your soul tells you that you no longer vibrate with some people you used to share with, don't worry is part of your evolution.

If your spirit asks you to connect more and start working on your balance, listen to it.

If your body asks you to eat better, walk and sleep more hours, do it.

If your life tells you that that job is no longer for you, it's time to take a new direction.

If your heart tells you that you no longer feel full with that couple, follow your heart, he knows the way.

If your life tells you to change your habits, thoughts and routines, look for other ways.

If your heart yells at you to travel, do it and don't make excuses.

He knows what medicine you need.

Learn to listen to yourself, connect with your internal teacher and open up to all the signals that come for you.

Your soul knows what the way is.

Author unknown

Artist unknown

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