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“Your ego has wants and your Soul has needs.

You may not get what you want but you will definitely get what you need for your healing, growth and evolvement. Your ego creates attachments to things that you want to make you feel better. Your wants you are attached to will manipulate and control your inner sense of worth and happiness. If you receive your wants you are attached to those wants being received, and remaining, to feel worthy and happy. If you don’t receive those wants or they do not remain or sustain themselves, you feel unworthy and not happy. Attachment creates conditional acceptance and determines your fluctuating inner sense of self -worth attitudes. Being attached to something creates dependency. You act like a puppet on a string being manipulated and controlled in conditional acceptance and conditional love. The converse, being detached, comes from your Soul and creates unconditional acceptance of yourself, by yourself, and unconditional acceptance and unconditional self-love resulting in positive self-worthiness..”adapted from Guide Speaks❤️

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