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Your Authentic Self

Whenever you put your authentic self out there — through what you say, what you make, or what you build — you're going to get feedback about it. This fear of criticism can be so strong that many of us stay stuck for years, desperate to try something but afraid of what others might say.

In the moments where you do hear feedback that stings, remember this. It is just one person's opinion. It doesn't diminish what you made. It doesn't change how making this work transformed you as a person. It doesn't take away from the way your work has impacted so many others.

As the famous quote says, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” Not everyone is going to like what you make or what you do. That's okay! You aren't for everyone.

Remember what you are doing it for:

- You're doing it for you.

- You're doing it for certain people who need it.

- You're doing it for a better world.

Sharing your authentic self with the world is so brave. Please keep going!

🔃: @newhappyco

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