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You’re Not Lost

You’re not lost

You just forgot where you left yourself

In all those other spaces

The ones that aren’t yours

The ones where you forgot yourself

But you can remember

It’s as easy as forgetting

You forgot that too

It’s time to remember

Who you are

What you are

You didn’t come here to play small

You were taught to play small

Usually it’s taught through fear

The ‘not enough’ infection

A virus that stops life before it starts

The creator of the true walking dead

Living in fear

Fear of being seen as ‘not enough’

When you are always enough

Fear of not achieving enough

When ‘enough’ is always your choice

Fear is just something that’s not real

stopping you from doing

the things that are

So go pick yourself up

From wherever you left yourself behind

In someone else’s game

Instead of your own

Don’t let I can’t do it


I can’t have it

be your only answers

❤️ Trudi Jane

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