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You Ate Nature

You Ate Nature

There is a reason why walking amongst nature is most people’s best advice when depression strikes.

Because walking in nature is a return to ‘home’.

You are not a lover of nature, or a fan of nature, you ‘are’ nature.

You are as much nature as the trees in your garden and the bees on your picnic.

You were designed to live your days out in the wild with your fellow creatures and plants but progress, humanity, had different plans for us all.

And so we exist day-to-day, in our homes, but never ‘home’.

The quickest route back to self, to inner peace, is bare feet on grass, arms around trees, head in the clouds and heart in a forest.

Put your bones in water, whenever you can, smell each flower you see and crumble dirt between your tired-of-typing fingers.

You are nature, go home once in a while.

It will bring you much you didn’t even know you were missing.

Donna Ashworth

Art by Hayk Shalunts

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