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You Are The Dream Of All Of Your Ancestors

A family's black sheep are actually liberators of their family tree.

Family members who don't adapt to family rules or traditions, those who constantly try to revolutionize beliefs.

Those who choose roads contrary to the well-beaten paths of family lines, those who are criticized, judged and even rejected.

These are called to free the family from repetitive patterns that frustrate entire generations.

These so-called ′′ black sheep ", the ones that don't fit, the ones that howl with rebellion, actually repair, detox and create new thriving branches in their family tree.

Countless unreal desires, broken dreams or frustrated talents of our ancestors manifest themselves through this revolt.

For inertia, the family tree will do anything to maintain the neutral and toxic course of its trunk, which will make the rebel's task difficult and conflicting.

Stop doubting and take care of your rarity ′′ like the most precious flower in your tree."

You are the dream of all your ancestors.

by Bert Hellinger

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