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You Are Enough

You are enough

You are enough on your worst day

Or your best

You are enough single


Happily or even unhappily married

You are enough for you

Because who we’re with does not define who we are

You are enough for us

For those that matter

Those that see your worth

You are enough when you have nothing but yourself to offer the world

When you have empty pockets

And on your knees begging to be shown the way

You’re enough when you’re on top of the world laughing in brilliant sun

Because you’re worth isn’t connected to likes, money, followers or brands

You’re not too much

Or too little but enough

You are enough with spindly shoulder blades or muscled calves

You are enough with soft rolls and stretch marks crisscrossing delicious hips

You are enough no matter what number the scale says

Because our bodies do not determine our worth

You are enough if you’re learning trying

If you’re figuring out who you are

Or are just starting to realize you have no idea what that means

You are enough if you’re trying to share love with others or if you’re learning to love yourself

Because where we’re at on our journey doesn’t define who we actually are

You’re enough if you’ve chosen to not be a mother

If you have a baby latched onto your breast now

Or if you’re hoping this is the month you’ll see a positive

Because we will always be more than bodies that bear life

You are enough

In this moment

Not for anyone

Or because of anything

But simply because you’re you

And the beautiful thing is

That’s all you ever have to be.

Kate Rose

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