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Why learn Reiki?

Learning Reiki can help in self healing by connecting you to universal energy, releases stress whole calming your mind and body. Spiritual growth can connect you to your higher self as your intuition increases. Continuous Reiki self healing can help prevent sickness and aids in many chronic health conditions. Reiki gives you an innate satisfaction to help others heal as you generously share your energy. Emotional traumas can begin healing in your body by removing the negative energy. Your true purpose becomes clearer as your life becomes more focused and content. Self healing increases positivity and gratitude in your life so goals become clearer and more manageable. Feelings of respect for yourself and others increases giving you the freedom to thrive in a healthier way spirit, mind and body. Reiki is a powerful method of healing that decreases anxiety, depression and worry while increasing balance in all areas of your life. Live to your upmost potential and thrive not merely survive ❤️

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