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🌻The Traumatic Link🌻

Traumatic bonds can happen in all sorts of relationships, it can happen with a parent or a brother, sister, boss or a friend because it's something we unconsciously attract most of the time.

Traumatic bonds can also go back to childhood and how a child was loved by their parents.

A traumatic bond is an emotional attachment to different types of abuse, emotional, physical or psychological, where the abuser develops an attachment to their abuser that is often identified by punishment and reward. It's an unhealthy bond between two people based on hot and cold, turbulent highs and lows, lots of negativity in words and deeds.

Relationships based on traumatic links may actually look normal and safe on the surface, but they are built on inconsistency, manipulation, dysfunction, and temporary, conflicting emotions.

Traumatic connection creates low self-esteem, due to unresolved childhood trauma, loneliness, financial difficulties.

Many people are aware that they are in toxic relationships, but they still don't have the courage or confidence to leave, so they choose to forgive or stay in the hope that someday everything will change.

However, it is very rare that this works out, that the relationship becomes serene. If you are in this kind of relationship, walk away, accept to live free and liberated.

🖊Monique Damel

Artist: Unknown

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