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The joy of giving up perfection!

Releasing the drive to be perfect will help you overcome the habit of procrastination. People tend to procrastinate because they are usually perfectionists. With awareness and practice, you can become aware of internal thoughts that tell you that you can do better tomorrow or next week. It's by silencing that inner voice that you will learn to act and take actionable steps instead of ruminating and procrastinating. Ask your Higher Power to help you let go of your need to be perfect and to unreasonably insist that others are perfect. Not using this to tolerate abuse or mistreatment, but to help you achieve appropriate, balanced expectations. By doing this you create a healthy atmosphere of love, acceptance and nurturing around and within you. Practicing tolerance, love and acceptance for others as they are, and for yourself will become your mindset. It takes practice and patience to achieve the balance between expecting too much and too little from others and yourself. Be gentle with yourself as you reclaim your personal power and take the necessary steps to begin your transformative healing journey. I'm here for you, I believe in you and you are not alone.

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