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The Best Revenge

the best revenge after being exiled to a deserted island by the people we once trusted with our hearts

is for us to learn how to

practice self-love

while staring off into

the distance of

our former relationships

~ to sit down on the beach

where we were abandoned

~ to hold a long stick

that washed up on shore

~to write these

words in the sand:

“I am enough."

and every morning

when we wake up

to find that the tide

of our isolation

has erased our words

we write these

words again:

“I am enough."

my love,

when we are

left for dead

it’s easy to

start to believe

we deserve it

so, that's why we

write it every day

“I am enough"

"I am enough"

"I am enough."

don't let the words

disappear for long

~ we must keep writing them




and over time

those exact words

will start to appear

in the clouds above us

“I am enough."

and then in the bark

of the palm trees

that surround us

on our lonely island

“I am enough."

and on the coconuts

we break open to

slurp from

“I am enough."

and the more we write these

sacred words out

in the sand of exile island

the more they will

show up all around us

“I am enough"

"I am enough"

"I am enough."

yes, those who

ghosted us may

never come back

to tell us why

but the best way

from being haunted

by them

is to let them go

and to replace the space

they used to take up in our


with a chapel of self-love

we build for ourselves on

the beach

where every log and stone

that we use will soon be

etched with

the same words:

“I am enough.”

~john roedel

Gratitude to unknown artist

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