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Tapestry of life

When you feel broken, worthless and less than please know you are not your emotions. Emotions are fleeting like a leaf in the wind getting tossed and turned around feeling completely out of control. Everyone has moments where they feel as if they don‘t matter or they can’t seem to “get it right.” If you get up everyday with your mindset on something positive, find gratitude for something, turn your face up to the sun and feel the ground under your feet you are brave. I believe you are worthy and you are not the sum of your mistakes, which I call lessons. You are not your past so don’t get stuck there full of regrets and shame because you are constantly growing and shaping your future one courageous breath at a time toward your future. Please don’t fear the future and the scary unknowns but wrap yourself in love and shine your light. You do matter to so many and you may not realize this but you are a big part of this beautiful tapestry called life. I believe in you and I am happy you are here.❤️

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