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Take Care Of Yourself Now

~ Take Care of Yourself right Now

“You just need to nurture your soul and take care of yourself right now.

Let things clear out of your life.

Don’t hold onto what needs to exit.

Don’t force anything to stay the same.

It’s all about change and growth. Release and let go.

Reorganise and reprioritise what you value.

You have to start taking care of your inner-self. At the end of the day, it’s about you loving yourself.

It's you who has to make sure that you’re okay.

It's you who has to hold yourself together.

It's you who has to decide to keep going.

No matter what’s challenging you or testing you, don’t overthink it or overreact to it. Find a balance somewhere within you where you stop playing these games with yourself where you get so caught up and pulled into something that only leaves you drained.

No everything deserves your energy.

Remember, your attention is very valuable.

Your thoughts are very valuable.

Your emotions are very valuable. Where are you spending your valuable energy?

Is it worth it?

It it adding onto your life?

If it moving you forward?

Be real and be honest with yourself.

Only you know your inner world and if your inner peace, mental wellness, and evolution is your priority then you’ll just laugh at situations that try to test you or pull you in.

You’re no longer playing that game with yourself or others. You’re moving forward to a new state.

A new mindset.

A new world within yourself where you finally thrive instead of reacting every second.

At the beginning it might feel like you’re getting pulled in but you’re only learning.

You’re discovering that you have the power and control of self. You have the choice every minute how you respond.

You decide what happens next.

So practice stepping back and observing. Practice seeing things for what they truly are. You’ll realize it’s not even worth it to get mentally and emotionally caught up.

We always regret when we expend too much energy into saying things we don’t mean. This is meant to help you refine your inner self so you have more self-awareness to do and be greater as a human.

Choose your inner peace every single day.”

Written By~Idil Ahmed

Light encoded picture by Ulrikke

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