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Survivor’s guilt❤️

I understand survivor‘s guilt. Watching first hand the events that were out of my control, I lost pieces of my soul. This happens during traumatic events as a safety mechanism to protect us and keep our physical bodies alive. I have complex grief and survivor’s guilt and they are very challenging and not comfortable to work through. One day you think you have these dragons at bay, then all of a sudden they rear their ugly heads. These things can only be healed by feeling them, by sitting with them and being brave enough to work through them. You have to love yourself to do this work, because if you don’t you will keep spinning your wheels and blaming yourself, only reinforcing these emotions. These emotions need to be addressed and healed so you can make space for love, compassion, courage and grace. Even though I know trauma and triggers are lessons, this isn’t always easy to hear. It does get very frustrating and exhausting to heal and feel and there have been many times that I have asked God to please help me.When I was crying on my knees in a field watching my parents house burn with them in it and holding my late husbands’ hand as he took his last breath succumbing to the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction. I get it. I am writing these words to let you know that you are not alone and that I am a safe person who will listen to you without judgment or trying to “fix” you. Fixing you is your job, not mine. Every survivor I work with is amazing and teaches me so much more than I can ever teach them. Thank you for sharing your life with me and know I believe in you ❤️

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