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Stopping Victimization

49 years of my life were what I thought life was all about, because it was all I knew. I lacked a frame of reference to make me realize I was stuck in a victimization and abuse mindset. I thought it was normal to be mistreated, at times I even thought I deserved it! My choices in life partners and relationships were attracting to me, even though they mistreated me. All along those many years, I knew deep down that what was happening around me, and what I was allowing, wasn't right. It has been 5 years that I have been free! It has taken me a lot of soul searching, loss, grief, therapy, tears and teachings to let go of my need to be victimized and to be a victim. I have apologized to those I hurt, accepted responsibility for my choices and decisions and I have fallen in love with myself. My soul deserves better and I am purposefully driven to help others with the tools I have learned along the way. I have had to learn to release dysfunctional relationships in all areas of my life. It has taken a lot of work to forgive and love myself to realize that I do deserve better and I have a right to be happy, safe, heard, valued and respected. I'm here for you, I believe in you and you are not alone.

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