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Stolen Moments

“Stolen Moments” ❄️

The lovely things are hidden away

I’m not sure where they go

after the wires and circuits get crossed

shooting signals to an unfamiliar place

behind the brain,

where a heartbeat dims against a warm ear.

I cannot recall your face

your lovely face,

that face is distorted now

and the rage,

electrifying rage

misshapes smiles and lovely words

cutting synapses off to my hands and feet,

it hurts to walk

nothing tangible lives here anymore

in the distance,

in the miles of trauma.

I ride neurons of vandalism

crimes committed on vivid memories,

these lovely memories take a detour

to a moment in time that somehow exists

in an existence that lives without you.

It is cold in here,

it snows often,

in the distance

behind my mind,

I sit in a cabin

in the middle of a snowstorm


watching out the window for you

but you never come,

the lovely things

they never come.

It only snows.

Poem by: Tierney Chapman

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