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Stand up for yourself and wake up!

We learn that some behaviors have self-defeating consequences, while others have beneficial consequences. Why do we so easily defend others when they are being used, controlled, manipulated or abused. Why is it so difficult for us to rally on our behalf? It may be difficult to see when we are being abused, disrespected, manipulated, victimized and violated. Even more challenging is standing up for ourselves! It's when we learn and practice boundaries that we fight for ourselves and our own rights. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and confidently stand up for yourself when that action is appropriate. You deserve to feel safe and respected. Don't focus on what you're doing wrong and focus on what you're doing right. Get the whole picture of your life. If something is unconscious you don't have a choice. In habit (inhabit) ourselves, how we see the world, our responses to the world-places where we've gone to sleep awareness to attention to what to them is waking them up. Tendency to habitual healing of the world creates our "sleep-waking" cycle. How long have you been sleepwalking? Allow reality to seep through what needs to be seen, felt, heard and accepted. When roused of sleepwalking complacency, sometimes tragedy and heartbreak are when we really wake up. The more trips we make around the sun, the more we don't know and the mystery deepens. Attitudes and perspectives become shown-mindfulness and awareness trains us to be attentive, to savor, to feel as much as possible the vivid moment, not numb from, strategize from, plan away from. Do this work not to be a better person, to fix yourself, but to enrich your life as you see fit. What can you do for yourself today to fill your wellspring and super-charge yourself? When you feel what happens be sure to check your responses and agenda as this is an opportunity, a window to see. Set yourself up with tenderness, compassion, inquiry, nourishment and move forward intuitively. Pause, ground and feel this moment as you passively breathe into the release of what's not serving you and what's holding you back. Feel the pause and be completely receptive to inspiration and insight as you release and receive what it is you need in this very moment. Now is your time to stand up for yourself and wake up!

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