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She Remains

She remains~

Erotically sensual, her wild liberation accessing the powers that Be.

Exuding her irreverent laughter; authentically living from her heart.

Seeing beyond the illusion of pretense.

Trusting Intuitively her inner vision.

Gathering playfully her awakened tribe.

Provoking presence in child-like innocence.

Challenging the narrative and projection of the mind.

She remains ~

Comforting the downtrodden.

Facing the shadow of the forgotten.

Loving the unlovable.

Forgiving the unforgivable.

Forgetting the foundation that gave her strength and courage.

Closing the door to the past

Bringing chaos into order.

She remains~

Exuding gracefully through her Will.

Listening compassionately to learn and exchange.

Cherishing the moment of hearts connection.

Radiating Pure Source, aligned to her purpose.

Honoring her integrity with all of her might.

Attuning to the sacred rhythms of the Great Mother.

Pondering her infinite potentials.

She remains~

Reverencing the sacredness of the Womb of Creation.

Healing the imbalances of our Great Mother’s horror.

Attuning to the kingdoms and elements for evolution.

Blessing her sacred blood as the true offering of balance to the earth.

Activating the powers of the Primordial waters.

Healing through sensual discovery.

She remains~

Blossoming fragrance of the purity of the Rose.

Dancing with the stars through geometry.

Opening portals to New Realities.

Dimensionally traveling through the forbidden mystery.

Anchoring photonic codes in the Krystalline Grids.

Purifying through her Dragon’s breath her undeniable rawness.

Soaring on her wings of majestic wonder.

She remains~

Rising to neutrality in the quantum field.

Utilizing the powers of zero-point.

Invoking the prayers as Mystical Shaman.

Speaking impeccably aligned to Cosmic Law.

Invoking vibrational awareness.

Teaching through psychic visions.

Calming in the eye of the storm.

She remains~

Bridging the gap of Heaven and Hell.

Speaking through the voice of her womb’s wisdom.

Exalting ancestors legacy and postery's future.

Ascending through her harmonic signature.

Cherishing that she has come Full Circle.

Resurrecting through Divine Templates of Paradise.

Wearing the crown of the Goddess.

Sitting upon her Throne.

Frolicking upon Earth as Creatrix.

Birthing earth’s transcendence through the ripple of Peace.

AHO ✨🦅✨

©️Elayne LeMonde 2023

Artist: Troubled Thomas

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