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Self-forgiveness ❤️

Self-forgiveness is an act of self-care. Accept responsibility for your actions, feel guilty without dwelling, amend mistakes, focus on what you learned and how you grew. Responsibility, remorse, restoration and renewal are ways to release negative emotions such as, excessive regret and guilt. Mistakes don’t make you a bad person or undermine your intrinsic value. Fixing your mistake means you’ll never have to wonder if you could have done more. Learn to understand why you behaved the way you did and why you feel guilty. These steps can help you avoid using the same behaviors in the future, decreasing anxiety and depression. Physically, cholesterol levels improve, bodily pain, blood pressure and heart attack risk decreases. Success, productivity, focus and concentration increase. Self-forgiveness is not intended for those who unfairly blame themselves for something they are not responsible for. Let’s begin your transformative healing journey towards self-forgiveness today ❤️

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