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Precious Tears

Precious Tears

There have been a lot of tears this week.

My tears, men's tears, women's tears.

Tears of gratitude and celebration.

Tears of hurt.

Tears of what's been hidden, being revealed, and the lightness, the freedom this has brought.

The relief of not carrying that weight any more.

Tears of who we are, almost as a birth, looking at ourselves as if for the first time. Seeing with eyes that are more open, eyes that take some time to adapt to this new vision, looking with wonder.

Tears of release, of letting go, of softening. Tension, contraction, that has been within us for so long, that's become part of the fabric of our being, that's woven us tighter and tighter, let go.

And the opening to movement, to a new dance. And, at the same time, the strangeness of this, as well as the knowing, all in the same breath. We know these parts of ourselves, and for so long they've been hidden. For survival, for protection. The masks and armor. The expectations.

And the joy of release brings tears.

The tears of vulnerability, of being seen, felt, heard, and being able to rest in that space.

The tears of pleasure. The intensity, the depth, the sensation, the aliveness within our bodies and our hearts.

Precious tears, all of these.

Tears that many of us held back for so long.

Don't cry, we've been told.

Especially the boys.

And our tears are such a natural expression of energy, of emotion. Those of joy, those of pain, those of intensity.

There's presence in our tears, body, heart flowing in the moment.

Many are uncomfortable with tears, our own and others. Which is also being uncomfortable with feeling. So we hide our tears, so they won't feel awkward. And we hide ourselves.

Learning to allow our tears to flow is vital on the journey of healing, growing, becoming.

It's learning to feel, it's learning to flow, it's learning to release.

Our tears are part of our voice, they have so much to say, beyond words.

There is an intimacy in our tears, an intimacy of showing ourselves, sharing ourselves. An intimacy in vulnerability.

An intimacy in the tears I feel on my face, the softness of my eyes, the opening of my heart. For my tears are my heart singing through my eyes.

I remember a time when I kissed my lover's tears, licked them from her face, drank them in.

The intimacy of that, of the moment, of the emotion, of the energy, was intense.

It opened us both, in a sublime prayer of connection.

It opened a tenderness, which became a fiery passion.

Magic in our tears.

There is magic.

In our eyes, in our tears.

Like the rain it washes so much away, allows shoots to bud, flowers to open.

Words that we could never say, our tears say them, and we know that they carry something from deep within us, they carry our hearts, in joy, in pleasure, in pain and in love.

Let your tears flow.

As you open yourself in so many ways.

There is strength here, great strength in surrendering to that which feels so deep within you.

The strength of vulnerability, of standing in the light, with all our shadows and darkness present.

And our tears are an offering of our hearts.

~Jonti Searll

Gratitude to unknown artist

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