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Love This….🍃

Love this! 🌿

"Almost when you least expect it,

things fall into place.

You realize that what left, was making space for what was about to arive.

The quiet let you hear the guidance.

The unhappiness forced you to make a move.

The unsettledness made you keep seeking.

The end ushered in a new beginning.

The doors that closed made you turn to the ones that were opening

The lessons were always leading you. Every time you got it wrong, you came one step closer to having it right.

It is in our highest interest to listen to the discomfort, as it is attempting to lead us to peace.

To honor what is not working, so we may keep reaching toward what will.

To remember that if something is not bringing us wholeness, it is trying to bring us to the piece of ourselves we first must self-realize in order to heal, in order to truly, and completely, be."

✍️🏻Author|Brianna Wiest

🎨Artist|Daniela Prezioso Einwaller, Italy 2022

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