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Look Up

Look Up”

“How do you do it?” asked the rabbit.

“Do what?” replied the sunflower.

“Stand tall and strong after all you have faced.”

“I don’t in understand? What do you mean?” said the flower.

“Well, you’ve endured the birds pecking at your seeds and being trampled on when you were small, you’ve fought off all sorts of things that would ravage your leaves and faced the harshest of storms, yet here you are standing tall and strong and beautiful. I do admire you. What’s your secret?”

The sunflower looked down at the little rabbit and smiled. “Ah, now that I do understand! Just turn your face towards the light that shines hope and love, then you can face anything life throws at you.”

“How often must I do this?” enquired the rabbit.

“Every single day,” the flower replied, and lifted his head back towards the sun.

Original art & short story - Lizzie Jayne (c)

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