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Live Well with Meditation

Note and welcome emotions and thoughts that are present, without trying to change them. Welcome your experience just as it is. If it's helpful, note and experience opposites of the emotions and thoughts that are present, noting that these emotions and thoughts, and their opposites, are messengers inviting you to find the right actions to take your life.

Affirm: I have within me the perfect response to each moment.

Welcome the ease and joy of simply being. Welcome yourself as the observer of everything that you're experiencing.

Notice how everything arising and passing away in your awareness. Welcome yourself as the spacious openness of awareness- undeniable, indescribable, everywhere, inside and outside.

Welcome the feeling of being a unique expression of the universe, while being interconnected with the entire universe. Feel the life force that has created the entire universe living in you as its unique expression. Sense everything as a unique expression yet interconnected through the underlying essence of life.

As you're ready, open and close your eyes several times while welcoming your inner resource of well-being. Feel grounded and connected to yourself and the world around you. Feel the universal life force that is giving your life purpose, meaning and value.

Eventually, come back to your wide awake state of mind and body, allowing the feeling of well-being to remain with you as you move back into your daily life, feeling gratitude for taking this time to experience your health, healing and wholeness.

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