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Letting go ❤️

The art of letting go is a daily practice. In yoga, one of the tools for transformation is known as sauca. Sauca is a boundless enthusiasm for cleaning-your skin, your thoughts, your home, your diet, your relationships,etc. When ready to heal you have to create space for healing, giving yourself permission to feel everything. Meditation, yoga, Reiki, mantra and sound are some practices that will help you improve self-connection, feel supported and safe, and improve communication. Slow down and notice your breathing, reflect, meditate and go for a walk. Become conscious of your breath. Trust is an internal nurturing energy fueled by serenity and endorphins that needs to be developed and cultivated with yourself and those around you. Know that you will be the same person once you let go. Let go of the old as you exhale with a sigh, laughter, intention or prayer. Begin living immediately with renewed vigor and enthusiasm by doing new activities, purge your home, repurpose and welcome your with anticipation of success. I know this is not an easy process however your life is too precious to be bogged down with things that no longer serve you. ❤️

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