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Let Me Release All Burdens Of The Past

In my disappointment

Let me comfort myself

In my fear

Let me reassure myself

In my anger

Let me calm myself

In my stress

Let me listen to myself

In my confusion

Let me organise myself

In my uncertainty

Let me find clarity

In my heartbreak

Let me find healing and closure

In my self-doubt

Let me find confidence

In my loneliness

Let me be at home with myself

In my stress

Let me soothe myself

In my struggle

Let me be still

In my weariness

Let me rest

In my pain

Let me heal and recuperate

In my sadness

Let me purge my emotions

In my failure

Let me recover

And in my regret

Let me release all burdens of the past

So that I may re-emerge

Strong, capable

And ready to take on life once more.

Words by Tahlia Hunter

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