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Let Go Of Fearing The Feminine Power

Let go of fearing the feminine power

The divine feminine is with the divine masculine

This is an internal union, it is a dance, not a power struggle

It is what the Earth grids are made from as a Tri-Wave energy

It is in Unity as One, the Zero point of Neutrality

Her sexual energy is not to manipulate or seduce, it is a creative and spiritual force

The energy is not about physical standards or fitting into something

It is the essence of love and wisdom that illuminates the physical

This inner divinity flows through our words and actions

It inspires divine innocence, the blossoming of human consciousness, purification of the elements

It is our power of birthing, our creative energy

It takes the masculine seed of ideas and brings it into manifestation

It is the return to the Mother, the sister, the daughter

Lover is found through integrity and honoring the temple

Connecting with the Father, the brother and the son

The lover is found through Soul affinity and embracing our highest potential

The feminine is connected to the regenerative power of Nature

It is Sacred and is asking for us to return

Sacred is not lost in programings or games or seeking false power

It is not here to take over, it is within men and women

It is here to restore balance to this Earth, it is the magic of Alchemy

Through recognition of our inner divine union, we Ascend into Higher Earth energies

Let the feminine nurture and unconditionally love you

Let the masculine be the Spirit Warrior whose Ego holds this unity consciousness

Let the wounds seek relief through not hiding them in shame

Transmute the pain by giving it a voice and expression

Life is a teacher, devote to the process of awakening and trust it is within you to discover

The feminine is not a victim anymore to the dark cycles in history

The Masculine isn't in power, control or domination

The love story is happily ever after within our Soul

This relationship is discovered through being true to all that we are

Embracing all aspects of self to create integration and wholeness

~ Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Gratitude to unknown artist

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