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Knock down your walls❤️

Growth is scary, exhilarating, exhausting, joyful and many more emotions that shake you at your core. Learning how to trust your intuition and gut instincts takes time and effort. Living in many cycles of dysfunctional pattern with self-destructive habits, patterns and thoughts is not healthy for you spirit, mind and body. Wearing a fake smile while you are crumbling inside is not what your soul deserves. You are a soul living a human experience that is not always easy. It has taken me almost 50 years to finally see these truths. I have found the self-love, self-respect and courage to let down my walls that once served me well to keep me safe. Calling someone I trust and asking for an ear, guidance and support has opened many doors for me. Through God, my spiritual support team and many people on earth I have learned so much and have finally discovered a more peaceful, easy and productive life. When God called me to Colorado I was scared. Leave behind everyone, everything I truly loved and cherished? As always God was right. I have an amazing husband, healthy children, wonderful family, many friends and a successful thriving Reiki and trauma informed yoga business that serves the greater good of mankind. These statements are not ego based, as I once moved through life, yet are proof of a profound transformative healing journey that I provide for others. I can only serve others when I take care of myself spirit, mind and body. I believe in you, I am here for you and you are not alone ❤️

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