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Updated: Dec 14, 2023

This word is challenging for me because I think I do not judge myself or others as much as I actually do. I judge situations, events, things past and present. I recently completed a meditation where I was told to take a walk and while doing so to not judge anything. Nothing is good or bad concerning the weather, house colors, noise, my physical body etc. Everything we see we judge in some way and I try to keep this practice in mind when I do walk and live my life. I try to have compassion and understanding for myself when I notice this response rearing it’s ugly unproductive head. Meditation and mindfulness help me be in the moment so I can keep practicing this journey of self discovery. Meditation is a practice and like a muscle needs to be worked to develop mindfulness, gratitude and self compassion. Love yourself today. Feel free to contact me for more information ❤️

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