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Inhabiting Your Uniqueness

What's at issue is the quality of your relationship with yourself. This is the foundation for a whole and free life. If your relationship with yourself is broken, whatever you add on top of it will be corrupted. People often talk about having been raised in a "dysfunctional family" or as an adult being in "toxic relationships," but I find that many people are in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship with themselves.

Cultivating a new relationship with yourself could include elements such as:

Becoming more aware of your self-talk or mental commentary that governs your outlook on yourself and your life

Questioning the ideas, beliefs, mindsets, narratives, stories, and ideologies that are influencing you

Taking responsibility for your own happiness and well-being

Shedding the definitions and expectations others have placed upon you

Discarding the mask, and being a more real, authentic and human person

Honoring what most matters to you about life and following your own inner guidance, deep feelings and intuition

Offering yourself acceptance, love, compassion and patience

Choosing not to remain actively connected to toxic people or those who judge, shame, control or bully you

Practicing self-care measures that promotes and rejuvenates your vitality, energy and wellness

Inhabiting your uniqueness and expressing it freely, fully and unapologetically

- Jim Palmer

Gratitude to unknown artist

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