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How To Change Your Energy ☀️


1. Always think positively. Every time a negative thought comes into your head, replace it with another one! For that, it takes a lot of mental discipline. You don't get it overnight; just like an "athlete", train hard.

2. Don't be afraid of anything and anyone. Fear is one of the biggest causes of our inner turmoil.

Have faith in yourself. Feeling afraid is believing that others are powerful. don't give power to others

3. Don't complain. When you complain, like a magnet, you attract all the negative charge of your own words to you. Most of the things that go wrong start to materialize when we regret.

4. Cross out the word "guilt" from your dictionary. Do not allow yourself this feeling, because when we punish ourselves, we open our rear to negative vibrations, which vibrate with our melancholy. Ignore them.

5. Don't let outside interference disrupt your daily life. Get rid of gossip, nasty comments and depressed people. This is contagious. Be helpful to those who are good. Tune in to positive people and high spirits

6. Don't get bored easily and don't care about the little things. When we get angry, we poison our bodies and minds. Try to live with serenity and when you feel like exploding, count to ten.

7. Live in the present. The anxious lives in the future. The spiteful one lives in the past. Enjoy the here and now. Nothing repeats, everything passes. Make your day worth it. Don't waste time with squeamishness and worries, as they only bring diseases.

Himmat Singh

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