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Have The Courage To Be Disliked

Have the Courage to be Disliked~~

There is a compulsion to sacrifice the development of our true identity to be part of a tribe, or social group. When we do this, deep down we feel as though we cannot survive on our own, that our consciousness is not developed enough to think critically or take a risk. We feel as though we cannot trust ourselves to go inward, discern a situation and draw our own conclusions. We feel as though we will lose everything good thing we have if we rock the boat and challenge our paradigms. As a result of this timidity, we live a fake life. We surround ourselves with people and circumstances that don’t truly represent us and we starve ourselves of true social nourishment and genuine life experience. We wonder why we are not happy; why we feel dead inside. Why we seek perpetual escapism and cannot sense the beauty in simple things. Eventually our body breaks down and betrays us. Why? Because we are going against the very originating soul essence that creates our physical form. We are betraying ourselves.

I hate to break it to you, but, being uncomfortable and going against the herd, is exactly why you are here. You are here to be destroyed and reborn many times. In fact, each time you are willing to cast yourself into the fires of truth you only burn away what is not authentic to who you are. Each time you let go of your perceived identity you become more powerful and closer to expressing your innate and unique spiritual self. You can never be destroyed. The impulse to sacrifice the self for the collective is a vestige from the past matriarchal age. Our body remembers it as a default, and if we do not override it and develop the proper faculties for our current age, our consciousness will regress.

If that’s not bad enough, moving with crowd out of fear and hoping for the best leads to the eventual atrophy of our mind and overall well being, as just like our body, our mind must be regularly exercised and challenged to function properly. This means being willing to be wrong, to be potentially embarrassed. It means enduring uncomfortable stabs at our identity and potentially re-writing our world view and making big changes in our lives. We must endure these humbling experiences so that something genuine and authentic can be created; so that the Spirit that is underneath our ego can be revealed and lead us. And in truth, if you don’t challenge yourself, you will eventually be pushed into much harsher situations that force you to face exactly what you are avoiding. Lastly, nothing, and I mean nothing and no one, can substitute your own intuition and discernment.

~Gigi Young

art: Tomasz Alen Kopera

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