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Grounding: When, How, Why

When should you use grounding? Grounding is most effective when you first begin to notice that you are feeling (strong or overwhelming feelings and urges), feeling disconnected or numb, confused or having a tough time thinking clearly, losing track of time or where you are, having a hard time noticing when things are safer and feeling like the past is happening again. Being ungrounded can lead to confusion between the past and the present, and may amplify other trauma symptoms. Also, while ungrounded you are more likely to make decisions you may regret later.

How can you help yourself get grounded? Start with orienting yourself to the present by asking yourself "What is the current year? Month? Day? Where am I? How old am I?" Then do your best to anchor yourself in the present by using your senses to connect to the here and now. With more grounding practice, especially when you are not feeling overwhelmed, you will notice that it becomes easier to feel grounded and feel calmer.

Why should you practice grounding? Grounding helps you feel calmer, solid, less confused and able to notice and increase your awareness about what is presently happening. Being grounded keeps you safer, clear minded, and increases your self-control. When grounded you increase your awareness of the options, choices and resources available to you. Practicing grounding will make it less likely you will have accidents, make decisions you may regret later, and decisions that will keep you safe and are appropriate for the current situation. Being grounded makes it possible to learn new skills to help yourself and to notice what works for you and what doesn't. While grounded it is possible to learn and use healthy ways of relating to yourself and others, and notice when the present is safer than the past and this helps your brain and body to heal. When grounded it is possible to notice when situations and people are safe and to connect with others if you choose to.

For more information on this important topic, please feel free to reach out to me. I appreciate you!

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