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Go Where The Love Is

Go where the love is.

Go where the friendship flows both ways. Go where you appreciate and where you are appreciated. Go where the door is open. Go where the communication is good, authentic and honest.

Go where the energy is uplifting. Go where you see and where you are also seen. Go where there is health. Go where the intentions are pure. Go where the expectations are simply that everyone just is themselves.

Go where the spotlight shines on everyone equally. Go where you forgive and where you are forgiven. Go where you want and where you are wanted. Go where you choose and where you are chosen. Go where you value your time and where your time is valued.

Go where the love is.

And unashamedly, bravely and kindly step away from everything else. Life is too short to stay in rooms not made for you.

Go where the love is.


Amy (Sisters with Soul)

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