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Reiki healing is a miraculous and wonderful modality to enhance your life and provide deep transformational awareness, peace, joy and calm. It harnesses the universal life force, called Reiki,aka Ray of Light, chi and prana, to help promote balance, relaxation and well-being. You may have also heard of it as energy healing, palm healing, hands above the body or hands-on healing.

For Reiki attunement solutions in Colorado Springs, CO, choose Centerpoint Healing Services. Our compassionate reiki services can help you obtain balance, relaxation, and well-being. Learn more about our Reiki healing today.

Touching the Surface

Origin of Reiki Healing

This type of energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years until the form most people are familiar with was developed in Japan in the early 1900s. Since then, Reiki healing has grown in popularity as a method to help heal spiritual, emotional, mental, and emotional wounds.

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Zen Stones

Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing will help you heal and feel better. At the same time, it will help you connect to yourself and the world around you. The treatment can help relieve pain, detoxify your body, and stimulate your immune system, along with many other benefits.

At Centerpoint Healing Services, I want to help you align your spirit, mind and body with Reiki. My intuitive, insightful, kind and gentle practice will provide the appropriate Reiki healing experience to help you feel and be your best.

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Mechanics of Reiki Attunement


Reiki sessions are peaceful as your practitioner helps gently soothe you. You will sit on a soft chair or lie on a table as you are fully clothed. Your practitioner will place their hands palms-down above or on specific spots of your body, including your head, limbs, and torso. Hands-on healing is as effective as hands above the body and is only appropriate if discussed beforehand.  Tailored to your specific needs, each of these sites will be specific energy locations to best target your healing.

When the practitioner puts their hands over you, they act as a conduit to move universal energy into and around your body, enabling you to release what is troubling you.   You may feel the heat, tingling, or pulsing during the healing, but some people don’t notice any physical changes. To experience this healing, schedule one of our sessions.

To feel the power of Reiki for yourself and begin your transformative healing journey enroll in my Reiki healing class today.