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If you are waking in the morning with thoughts of "I didn't get enough sleep, I don't have anything to wear or I don't have enough money," that sets the tone for our day and our lives. Starting your day, and throughout your day, believing that everything you need will be provided for you today changes your life. Your mindset of scarcity, lack, fear and despair will keep you stuck in life. You have to have the desire and urge to make the effort to change your thoughts, words and perceptions. Ask your Higher Power and spiritual support team for help. When we ask, trust and believe that our needs will be met, then our needs will be met. An amazing affirmation to use is "I'm working on 3 things now-myself, my happiness and my needs!" Practice gratitude to truly shift your life into one of fulfillment, abundance and prosperity and fall in love with yourself.

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