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Excavate And Heal Your Ancestral And Personal Trauma

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

“Your calling isn't something distinct from your emotional healing. It is synonymous with it. At this stage of human development, it is all many of us can do to excavate and heal our ancestral and personal trauma. There is just so much of it. And the healing of it is not blocking your path. It is your path. If you spend your whole life healing even a little of it, you have lived a luminous life, infused with sacred purpose. You have done something that perhaps no one in your lineage ever did before- HEALING. There is no calling more noble, no path more honorable, no step more profound. So don't beat yourself up, if you can't get to that noisy thing you want to bring to the world. Because you are already doing the greatest thing of all: HEALING HUMANITY. Thank you.”

— Jeff Brown

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