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Every Minute Counts

"You're going to lose people along

the way.

And it will hurt like hell.

You’re going to lose people along

the way, people you thought you’d

never lose.

People you truly believed would

always be there. And it’s going to

hurt like hell.

But that, my friend, is life.

People change, relationships


Some evolve. Some disintegrate.

Some people leave through no

will of their own and that hurts

the most.

They didn’t want to go.

But you, you will survive it all.

You will. You will look back and

realise that the people you need,

really need, are still here, in some

soul connective way.

And that the other relationships

you lost along the way, have

taught you something that made

you better.

And that’s life.

Hold close those who are in your

life now and remember the ones

who left, fondly. Even the ones

who broke your heart.

Regret nothing.

Use the feelings of pain to commit

to a life here and now, a life

where you take no one or nothing

for granted. Where you cherish

every minute with those people

you love.

You’re going to lose people along

the way, my friend. But that is


Every minute counts."

~Donna Ashworth

♥️ Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī

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