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Do You Think Of Your Future Self?

I have learnt to leave places

Where pieces of me were shattered

and torn apart

I have chosen to abandon paths

That led to pain and heartbreak

I have navigated through stormy

and turbulent seasons of life

And made it out the other side

I have chosen to change directions

When I have found myself in spaces where I no longer belong or am welcomed

I have made peace with past moments I am not proud of

And I have chosen to let go of past pain, disappointment and failure

And people whose chapter in my story

is now complete.

I have promised myself not to return

to these places

As healing is found not in repeating the old

But in making amends

Then forging a new path

And building the new

And I have chosen to rewrite my story

From one of pain and heartbreak

To one of hope, empowerment and

new beginnings

As I have also experienced great joy and enthusiasm for living

I have also known great love

And I have also experienced moments that have taken my breath away

And made me feel grateful to be alive

And known people who have embraced me completely

And celebrated me

Rather than left me questioning my worth

And whether or not I am loveable

And I have chosen to close past chapters

As my pages are now too full

For the same old stories

And I must turn the page

And embrace all that lies ahead

The beautiful connections I am able to cultivate

The beautiful moments

I am able to experience

And the beautiful new life I am currently creating.

I am your future self

And a bright future

Full of love, purpose, passion, joy and fulfilment

Awaits you.

Author~ Tahila Hunter

Photo Credit/Artist~ Sarah Smiles Creations

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