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Dissolving Energetic Cords

Beloved Ones,

As we continue preparing ourselves for this new integration wave, it is pivotal to scan our bodies, at all levels, on a daily basis, to find any misalignment that needs to be removed. When we feel disconnected and tired, and our energy levels begin to decrease it can be due to a particular situation that we are experiencing, or something deeper that we need to address, and clear.

One of the most important reasons for soul disconnection and energetic draining is the many cords that we, in our relationships, of all types, create, and that we do not dissolve when the reunion has fulfilled its purpose. This creates a constant energetic exchange between two individuals that impede the free flow of our life force, as well as the other person, and that keeps us attached to someone or a certain environment, often unconsciously.

Recently, in sessions, I am seeing more and more who have many energetic cords that bind them to others, feeling disempowered, confused, sad, and often dreaming about others, or having thoughts about them. This only takes us back to the past, ruminating about certain relationships that no longer resonate with where we are now.

When this occurs we need to make an exercise of remembrance, thinking about all the energetic ties we have not cut, and begin removing these connections, one by one. First, it is important that we identify the type of cord created. The most common ones are the ones we experience in any type of relationship, as the picture perfectly shows, such as psychic cords, familiar ones that are born of our first chakra, sexual ones that emerge from our second one, from our solar plexus, which are also very common, miasmatic ones, heart center, and upper chakras, being the rarest. There will be many others that are unique to our soul history and experience.

Psychic cords are not only cords that we have created in our present timeline, as they go beyond our present incarnation. These cords can be created during war times, with many people that we experienced suffering, or in parallel lifetimes that still affect us, for we are all connected to our parallel selves, despite our illusion of separation, and can sense many things that happen, simultaneously. These cords can also connect us to places, where we have strong emotional attachments, or on the contrary, where we have experienced tremendous trauma.

These cords are more challenging, as we need to go to the specific timeline, clear it, from a present perspective, and then regain sovereignty through healing trauma and by retrieving our personal energy, and hence power.

Once we have identified the person, the type of cord we need to protect ourselves, have a conscious interaction with the other person's soul, for we are not working with their 3D self, but with their souls, and begin to cut the cords from our personal space, never from the other person's side, burning/dissolving them with a higher illumined fire of our choice.

This is very personal, as everyone and their soul history is unique and will have a different technique. Ask to be shown your own imbalances, how to remove them, and with what specific tools, for no one knows better than you about yourself, your personal story, and your body.

Ending our exercise with soul retrieval is also important to disconnect our soul's fragments from others, as it is often what takes place when we leave a relationship we do not wish to. By working on soul retrieval we bring back to our present self the fragments that remain with others, or in other timeliness, becoming whole and healed.

This is one of the most important steps to regaining personal freedom and sovereignty, as often I see people work a lot on themselves, but as they are not fully conscious of these cords, the work they do is not satisfactorily integrated.

Our energy is precious, and we should begin by reclaiming it, if we wish to continue moving into further stages of our ascension journey, as for us to work with our light bodies, first, we need to be fully aligned, in communion with our soul, and whole.

We are in a very important phase with the coming energies for us to empower ourselves, through conscious clearing. A time to clear all cords, and imbalances, and retrieve our authentic essence, lineage, and personal abilities. As always, once we choose this path, devotion and daily work is what will help us improve, see results, and above all, become the only sovereign of our precious energy and life experience.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

Art by: Annette L Lemaire

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