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Choose Your Battles Wisely

"When people are rude, offend/attack/hurt you, they have unhealed trauma, they are full of venom and that venom is coming out. The important thing is that you don't allow them to poison you too.

Answer evil with good, don't answer evil with evil. If you get caught up in a conflict, if you offend/attack/hurt the other person, then you can know that you have already allowed their poison to contaminate you.

Don't let a man behaving in a toxic way ruin your day.

Do not allow a man full of venom to fill you with venom.

You can't stop a man from spreading his venom, but you can keep that venom from getting inside you. Guard your heart!

No matter how kind/generous/polite you are, in life you will have to deal with people who will treat you in a disrespectful/kind way, who will hurt you. And each time you will have a choice between filling yourself with venom, acting unbalanced, making a scandal, offending yourself or responding in a balanced way. You have a choice between taking the bait or not.

Every time someone offends you, trips you up, attacks you, be aware: "Now I'm being baited. And it's my choice if I bite it or not."

Most people take the bait. And most of the time it's the same bait day after day, year after year, but they keep biting.

Choose your battles wisely. If you get caught up in any conflict, if you get challenged by anyone, using up your energy with things and people that don't matter, you won't have energy for the battles that really matter. "

~Joel Osteen

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